Some Things About Denmark

Otherwise titled: An Outsider's Observations of Life in Roskilde.

(To all Danes who happen to read this: Bear in mind that I have only lived here a few months, so if anything I write strikes you as wrong and/or offensive, it wasn't intended that way and you should still occasionally loan me your car.)

The amount of dust in Roskilde is astonishing.  I have to vacuum under my bed three times a week to avoid a massive dust pile-up.  Considering we have no clutter, limited furniture, and always remove our shoes before entering the apartment, I am completely at a loss as to WHERE ALL THIS DUST IS COMING FROM!

This is the perfect place for running outdoors as it is almost completely flat and the weather is always refreshingly cool (or bitterly cold, but at least it isn't deadly hot).  Yesterday we mapped out a brand new route which I will be running this afternoon.

May I just express my shock concerning some of the movies and books that are allowed in the children's section of the library.  For instance, Manden og Damen og Noget i Maven, by Kim Fupz Aakeson and Eva Eriksson.  As far as I can tell, this book is about a young couple who fall in love, have sex (as adequately demonstrated by the clothes and underwear discarded on the floor and the two obviously naked people kissing), get pregnant, and then give birth to a baby monkey.  After which they visit the zoo and find a mama monkey cradling a human child.  Naturally the couple decides they couldn't possibly trade their beloved animal in for a baby, and happily leave the zoo with said monkey.  (???!!)  Ages 3-7.

On any given day of the week, there will always be three to seven pairs of socks drying on my heaters.

By far, this is the best apartment and most beautiful views I have ever had in my life.  Even if I did have to duct-tape my windows shut because they are huge and open like doors and we are on the third floor and have a four-year-old.  (Note to self: find child-proof locks.)

I cannot count the number of times I have been asked if I've ever ridden a bike before (not because I look like an idiot when riding a bike, which I very well may, but because it is apparently a common misconception that Americans do not ride bikes.  Although I must admit that riding a bike in the Northeast Georgia mountains and riding a bike in Denmark is entirely different, so I might as well have never ridden one before).

I love watching the birds try to fly on particularly windy days.  It is hilarious.  Also, before coming here, I always pictured seagulls at the beach.  But in Roskilde - sun or snow - they live on the park pond with the ducks.

There may be fewer and smaller vehicles here than in the States, but my goodness do people drive like maniacs in residential areas.

Best.  Chocolate.  Ever.  (I am sticking with my previous opinion pertaining to Danish hard candy, though.  Sorry.)

Let me just conclude by offering my heartfelt apologies to the bus driver I met day before yesterday.  I had no idea my kid kept pressing the STOP button until the very end of our ride, and I was duly mortified by the number of pointless stops you made on his behalf.

Roskilde in snow.  Photo taken by Tim.


  1. Like you I am shocked by that book in the childrens section. Sounds very peculiar and I'm not sure I can even think what section of the library it should belong to.

    In my teens a friend gave me some Dutch Licorice....OMG...it is the worst stuff I have ever tasted and I love licorice but Dutch Licorice is salty and I mean you may as well drink straight from the ocean salty hehe. So yes I'm with you their candy is somewhat strange.

    A beautiful picture taken by Tim, I love the way the light is coming through the clouds.

  2. Lucky you. I would love to visit Denmark sometime!
    New follower, so I'm going to have to catch up on your story (:

  3. That book would have scarred me as a child. Goodness!

    And I laughed at your "birds flying in the wind" comment, HA! What a hysterical thought.


  4. It's interesting to see how much more open other countries are to sex and such compared to the US. Those things are not at all taboo topics, and I love that about other parts of the world. But the giving birth to a monkey thing was kinda weird.

  5. hahaha, your synopsis of that children's book had me dying.

    hilarious post, as always:)


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