Monday Amenities Post 16

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Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.
- Franz Kafka -


Aesthetic motto:

“Carefully blending a world defined by orderly needs of program 
and the random artistry of nature in the extreme.”

I especially like:

"Gated, private rustic mountain retreat-encampment located at 8000 feet; developed over 22 acres overlooking the Pioneer, Cedar and Lone Mountains; location South Central Montana, Big Sky."

It's officially on my list of "places to see" once we move back to the States
and take that cross-country road trip we've been talking about for years.
You can read more about it here. 


Takanori Aiba is a Japanese artist who, along with civil engineer Murakami, 
creates bonsai art with miniature architecture.  
View the complete Gallery here.
The Hawaiian Pineapple Resort is my favorite.


... All photography-related this week ...


{ I am in love with the rouched mini-skirt. 
P.S. You should know that my birthday is coming up. }


Looks so so so yummy.

I especially want to eat the Creamy Macaroni Salad.

Also, there have been an awful lot of mouth-watering 
photographs of Indonesian cuisine on Pinterest lately,
and now I desperately want to go on an Indonesian food tour.


How Can I Make You Remember Me?

(And yes, if you read The Flowerchild Dwelling's Music Monday Posts,
you'll know where I copied this from)


I've mentioned this one before, but I have a recently new pinboard entitled The Occasional Feline.  You've probably noticed I'm a cat person by now, so I may as well admit that whenever I look at this collection of photographs I desperately want another cat.  This is usually followed by a nightmare in which we get a kitten and it poops all over my living room, which has kept me from adopting any Danish felines.  
That, and it isn't allowed in my apartment.


This photo in particular reminds me of my last cat, Faust.  I miss her.  She may have been horribly mean to everyone else, but she loved me and this of course made her even more endearing.

That's all for this week, lovelies!  Happy Monday.


  1. Absolutely love the house in Montana, that is me exact idea of living in seclusion....looks amazingly peaceful.

    I totally understand the cat thing too as I have been a cat person for years now. In fact I got my first cat only 13 years ago and he's still going strong and as feisty as ever. Am totally in love with him he has been there through all the hard times..

    I have just found Pinterest and have to say I am loving it....hope you have a great week and the runs keep going well...

  2. Aw, that looks just like her! I miss her too, even if she did like to use me for a scratching post.

  3. i'm not a cat person, but that picture of the cat looks awesome. like a tiger. but smaller. almost appealing. but no. hahah.

  4. What animals do you like, Beka? I suppose I am also a dog person ... I like most animals. I just have most in common with cats. ;)


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