Lucky You

You might recall me having mentioned homeschooling Isaac in a previous post.  We've been working on his alphabet, and counting, basic words and shapes, writing his name, storybooks, puzzles, and responding to questions in full-length English sentences (as opposed to - Question: "How old are you?"  Response: "asdkfhadgiohadogiadsofjsda" ... or something along those lines.)  Yesterday we tried a new tactic for learning colors.

Watercolor painting.

And now, lucky you, you get to see the gazillion photos I took of Isaac painting.

The little artist ... just like his mama.

He preferred blues and greens and the occasional yellow.

... And finger-painting.  Naturally.

He painted several faces with big round eyes and straight lines for mouths.

Which always end up looking like crazy people with squiggly eyebrows.

... Which means he's the next Picasso (of course).  
Or hopefully somewhat more talented.

The End.


  1. this made me laugh.
    but really? you made a cute kid! :)
    learning colors...sounds like a grand idea :D


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