America, HO!

We're leaving tomorrow!

(Has been running around in my head in this little sing-songy voice.  
Actually it's quite annoying.)

It's the perfect timing for a trip back to the inexpensive States, 
because in the month of November alone:

My favorite sweater unraveled 
(if you want to destroy my sweater, pull this string as I walk away …)
My purse somehow managed to rip.
The leather binding on my cowboy boots started falling apart.
The back of my phone popped off and refused to stay on.
And my computer failed, so the hard drive is now inaccessible. 
At which point I just said, well, naturally.
Of course I didn’t have everything backed up.

Otherwise Murphy would be out of a job.

Wish us luck in our travels!
Also that Isaac will sleep all day tomorrow.
Also that I will pack, at some point, today.
(See how I feel about packing here)

If you do not hear from me within the next 48 hours, 
assume we got stuck in the Toronto airport again and come find us!


  1. Through the reading of many posts of yours, I have come to the conclusion that if I were to see you in public somewhere I would certainly recognize you because you'd be the brunette with the flowing hair; walking around in ripped jeans, tattered footwear and an unraveling sweater - possibly carrying a typewriter under her arm (good old typewriters - those don't crash.) It's quite an endearing bohemian image. I hope you can get some things taken care of while you're back here in the states.

    Godspeed :)

  2. I can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!

    And if I don't hear from you, I'll assume you were arrested for smuggling hash and call all the consulates in countries whose name I can pronounce. So...France.

    So excited!! You and Sarah will have to do some stateside shopping. <3

    See you at Christmakough!

  3. Have fun back home!

    It's interesting how everything is falling apart... It's a sign to go shopping...


( hippies always welcome )