i am an insecure mess

Today I assigned myself the task of packing for our trip.

{ This is what I should look like }  Photo Source

But . . . I hate packing.

The end result generally involves one of the following:

1. I pack everything I own minus the one thing I need on the trip.

2. I pack virtually nothing and am ill-equipped for every occasion.

Regardless of how many times I hit the road, I am utterly incapable of packing in a remotely logical fashion.  Throw in the confines of small, carry-on luggage, and you've got yourself a literal melt-down which inevitably ends in me saying something like this:

I cannot go on this trip because I do not have any clothing.

I tend to exaggerate when I'm stressed.

{ This is what I really look like. }  Photo Source

So, instead of casually throwing a few items into the suitcase, I sat down and wrote this blog post.

And now that I've reached the end of my rant, I will find some other way to procrastinate.  Whatever it is will prove quite time consuming, and I won't think about packing again until I must leave.  At which point, like my father, I will literally stuff a few clothing items into a gym bag and run out the door.  Mostly underwear.

Wish me luck.  And shelter from the elements as I am prone to pack in direct opposition to the weather.


  1. Strange thing packing. I either get it right, or way off in terms of what I need and or want. Good luck friend and have a great trip. Hugs Karen

  2. You'll be too busy to care. :)

    Just research the weather - and wear layers. Only important thing is your camera, so please don't leave that!

  3. you wont have a hard time getting thru the body scan or pat down if ya just go naked and just buy all new clothes there and just take an empty suitccase to fill up with your new european outterwear.
    it will all be ok
    i know it is frustrating
    i hate packing too.

  4. Cry . . . I think that's perfect! Best advice ever. We must think alike. ;)

  5. Yes, you must remember that you will probably buy clothes so naked is perfect! It's Europe after all :P

    But seriously, I do the same thing. Even after years of flying back and forth between Oregon and New Zealand, I am still not a fan (or good at it).

    I have learned a few things though: One thing is that I try and pack far too early and then it stresses me out. I come up with every situation I could possibly encounter and I try to prepare for it when all I really need to do it pack things that will all go together so that I can feel like everything goes with everything else and I don't go crazy while on vacation... Because its far better to go crazy packing than while on vacation!

  6. I used to be horrible at packing before I started traveling for work...it helped to have a husband who was in the military and taught me to pack like a champ for all situations. But it's still pretty obnoxious. I wish you guys the best :)

  7. I lessened my packing stress by realising this very simple truth: if I discover that I need something and did not bring it, I can buy it.

    Once that was internalised, I just brought what I was certain of (so, shorts and t shirts if I'm going south), and breathed easy. Also, bringing a half-full suitcase means filling it with souvenirs....


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