Change of Address

Sorry to be so absent this week, but I've been moving.  (Amongst other things.)  Paint cans open, piles of things everywhere; you know the drill.  I promise to update soon.  In the meantime ... I'll leave you with a nice little illustration (I think the artist was painting me, actually):

{ Source }

... I take it back.  I'd probably never wear those shoes.
Certainly not on moving day.


  1. yeah... that's exactly what I said when I scrolled down... only to see you put it... haha...

  2. Happy Moving!! :). Hope you get settled quickly!

  3. Those shoes *are* cute. Good luck moving!

  4. hahaha, cute shoes!!
    have fun with all that...i love painting....mhmm, even walls... :)

  5. Hope your move went well and I agree those shoes are definitely not suitable for moving day...hehehe...am loving your blog and I love all your illustrations,how do you do those? I'm new to blogging and am loving it but would love to jazz up my blog a bit....Love the artsy page too by the way....


( hippies always welcome )