My Apologies

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* ... Yet another messy post.  My apologies.

* I think the weather is out to get me.  The sun will shine all bright and cheery through my window, TAUNTING ME  – but just as soon as I step outside the sky goes overcast and it rains.  This has happened every day this week.

* Our CPR numbers finally came (sort of like SSN).  YAY.  (You can’t do anything here without them.  Not even breathe.)

* Tim found an inexpensive elliptical machine for me!  So happy.  I can now alternate between running outdoors, elliptical indoors, and workout videos where no one can see me because they make me look silly.

* Isaac: Isaac is becoming increasingly observant.  The other day he walked into the room naked and said, “Look! A butt!”  He’s got body parts down pat, now if we could just get his counting straight.  For whatever reason, he must always put the number nine in the wrong spot.  It’s his favorite.  “One, two, three, NINE, four, five, NINE.”  Something else odd: He has started building little lego toilets.  Yesterday he built three.  And also a camera with wheels, which is pretty cool if you ask me.  (I know it was a camera because he told me to say cheese and then made a clicking sound with his tongue).   

* … He seems to really like Denmark so far, but he still asks to go home every day.

* Tim says he is very happy with his new job.  He’s been asked to stay an extra two-to-six months after the initial two years is up, so we’ll see.

* I finally bought some skinny jeans (not particularly news-worthy or relevant but oh well).  And I can’t decide if I like them or not.  Maybe they were only meant to be worn by tall people.  What do you think?  Tell me soon because I need to decide if I’m returning them or not.  Thanks.

* So apparently it is common for people who spend a lot of time in the sun to have a serious vitamin D deficiency after relocating to Denmark; some have even been hospitalized for it.  I have had all of the symptoms, which explains why I was so depressed the first couple weeks after moving here.  I went through the luggage and found the D pills and am doing much better (thank you Ayla).

* I picked out the colors I am going to paint our new apartment in November.  (You might wonder why I must always paint and repaint walls, but I don’t think I need to qualify my expensive hobby.  So.)  Off-white (for most of the apartment), a light smoky gray (the living room), and I’m trying to decide between a pale sky blue and a lavender-gray – just because. 

* We just finished watching season two of Dead Like Me and I really liked it.  Despite all the plot-holes (the lack of logic in this series is a bit maddening), it’s kind of refreshing to kick back in the evenings and watch a tv show that is not about lawyers, medical interns, vampires, and/or high-schoolers.  Sort of reminded me of Pushing Daisies, although a bit more off-color.  And just as short-lived.

* I really miss sitting around having coffee with people I love (Siblings, Amy, Will, Sarah E., etc.).

* … Feel free to let me know if you’re getting sick of these free-for-all-type posts wherein I write anything that pops into my head.  I may or may not listen.


  1. I am really loving all of your posts. Scatterbrained or not..did I just call you scatterbrained? No of course not. No exclamation just for you, though I am dying to put one in here somewhere.

  2. I love to read your free-for-all-type posts.

  3. i think skinny jeans are splendid for shorter people too.
    hahahha...body parts down, not the counting yet. :)

  4. your posts are always great! free-for-all or otherwise. :)

  5. I love your posts :) Vitamin D deficiency is no joke..they think that's part of the reason why we have such a high cancer rate here in Maine (not as much sunlight). Glad your husband is enjoying his job :)

  6. So it's a yes. I am keeping the skinny jeans.


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