Monday and the Weepies

I am in a very Weepies mood today (the band, not the angst). 
A good thing, actually.

Lately it's felt like Fall.  Not just any Fall, Northeast Georgia Fall (only a bit chillier) - mild weather, light-sweater weather, with the occasional burst of sunshine.  Reminders of summer.

This is Isaac with the leaves he collected on our walk this morning. 
I'm loving all these Fall colors.  (But I'll always love Summer best.)

On Saturday we took Isaac to the Copenhagen Zoo to get some fresh air.  He's been cooped up inside for the better part of a week, sick.  Unfortunately the trip turned out to be a mistake as far as he was concerned - A Prolonged Tantrum at the Zoo.   Minus the elephants, the ice cream, and the wooden animals in the play-ground (go figure.)  But I got some good pictures and will be posting them soon.

On Sunday I went to church alone, and started to feel sick about two songs into the worship and had to skip out without telling anyone why.  Which felt incredibly stupid and embarrassing.  I hope I didn't offend anyone.

We have got to kick this thing ... colds, coughs, headaches, nausea, what have you.

Today we started our Self-Inflicted Torture Diet.  We've gone off grains and refined sugars, aside from possibly brown rice and the oats I put in my yogurt every morning.  Which means lots and lots of veggies and fruits and meat. 

So far we've made a big pot of vegetable soup, so yummy that you hardly even consider the giant loaf of French bread you'd like to have with it.

Tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, corn, carrots, onion, and garlic with a chicken bouillon broth. 

I'll keep you posted on how that goes, including how I feel when I walk by the gelato stand and bagel place (which are always open, it seems), and wish I was somewhat nicer to myself.


  1. Hope you all are feeling better soon. We just kicked it out of our house as well. Nasty little germ running around. Soup looks wonderful....bread or no bread.


  2. feel better. it's time for colds and flus. :[

    made myself a big pot of quinoa with veggies last night too-- trying to ignore the chocolate milk in my fridge... ;D

  3. Ooh French bread with soup is so yummy. Do you have a recipe for this yummy soup?

  4. I hope you feel better! And that sounds an awful lot like the diet I'm on.

  5. It's not a bad diet, really. It's just the first few days when you're adjusting to the idea that you can't have bread or sugar and because of that, you probably will eat less. Then it just feels normal.

    I do have a recipe - we found it online somewhere and can't remember the link, but I could probably send you our tweaked copy.

  6. that soup sounds great.
    but yes....i would want some gelato. :)

    hope you guys feel much better soon! <3

  7. Caitlin: I'll be posting a link to the recipe soon!


( hippies always welcome )