I have some news.

You might recall a previous blog post titled "Pros and Cons," in which I debated going to grad school.  At the time, I decided the answer was no - there were too many variables concerning Tim's graduation, where we'd move next, etc.  But truth be told, I was a bit disappointed.  I couldn't imagine a better MFA program than the one offered by Southern New Hampshire University.

The SNHU staff told me that if I changed my mind within the year, I wouldn't have to reapply (no more fees, applications, recommendation letters, or the 30 page manuscript I'd sent in for consideration - excerpts from my first novel).

About two weeks ago, the new director for the MFA in creative writing called and said she would hold my spot for the next semester, if I'd like.  She said the program is very selective, and my manuscript must have been good for me to be chosen by the previous director (high praise - I'll admit I was walking on clouds for a bit).

So, long story short - I'm starting grad school in January!  It's long-distance (mostly online), with four weeks of residency workshops in New Hampshire, one per semester.  I can do everything from here minus those workshops.  Over the course of two years, students prepare a full-length manuscript, make publishing contacts, and - most importantly - hone their craft.

I'm extremely excited.  And nervous.  I have this recurring nightmare wherein I discover I cannot, in fact, write worth a hoot, and I get laughed off the program.  Or something to that effect.  It's terrifying.  I've also got a lot of work to do between now and then.

My dear friend-and-editor Sarah is helping me revise my latest manuscript (I love her - she is so very patient), and I hope to have this "tweaked" by January.  Also, I am still working on the illustrations for the children's book.  I would like to have these complete by then as well.  But we'll see.

So ... here's to hoping that in two years, when I move back to the States, I'll have (almost) completed my master's, and will have publishing contacts.

If not that, here's to hoping I at least survive.


  1. Great news Lauren. Go for it!

  2. gah - can't believe I'm finding this out on your BLOG :-P

    I know you live on another planet now, but seriously, there is email :)

    Congratulations! You'll do great. :)

  3. Now you've done it: it's on your blog! You can't back out. ;D

    This was an opportunity not to be passed up -- I'm so glad you're going after it. You'll be awesome. :)

  4. Sarah: AHHHHH! You freaked me out. NO BACKING OUT NOW!

    Court: You WERE the first to know about it - I told you on the phone before I left that I was probably going to do this! I'll start emailing. :)

    Downith - Thanks so much!

  5. Congratulations! Very happy for you :)

  6. You'll survive, I'm positive of that. Good on you...

  7. Using the word "hone" correctly is half the battle. You will be fabulous! I can't wait to read one of your books!

    Also, I love seeing Denmark through your eyes. The pictures of Isaac are priceless. Should be an American Express commercial!

    Now I need to learn not to use so many exclamation points!!

  8. congratulations! what an awesome new adventure--i'm sure you'll do fantastic.


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