Koege, Denmark

{Just a little pre-warning ... this post contains a lot of photos.}

Saturday morning, while waiting for our train, 
we went to this adorable little cafe in Roskilde.  
I love this place.
And by the way, Danish coffee is perfect.
I don't even use half 'n half anymore.

Isaac and me on the train.

The weekly Farmer's Market in Koege 
(Also spelled Koge, but the "o" has a little line through it and I can't figure out how to do this in blogger).

Some photos of downtown Koege.

My darling child.  Heh.

Just some things I liked while wandering around Koege.

And the beach, of course.  

We are looking for apartments either in Koege or Roskilde, unless of course we visit another beachy-town we like better.  I've come to accept I just do not like the city.


  1. Don't apologize for pictures! I love looking at your pictures. It's the next best thing to seeing all this stuff in person (which: I totally want to visit Koege while I'm there, whether you're living there or not).

    Congrats on the coffee find! Seriously, what else is needed? :D

    Cities are cities are cities. Doesn't seem to matter where you are, they all have the same crowded, clamoring, smoggy flavor. *shrugs* The perfect scenario is one in which you can enjoy the advantages of a small town, with reasonable proximity to the city amenities! Hopefully Denmark's not too big to allow that. ;D

  2. I agree with Sarah - love the pictures! keep it up :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I think Isaac looks just like you :)

  4. ah, my.
    i love the look of that cafe.

    great pictures! :)

  5. i like your pictures of graffiti. i sort of have an obsession with graffiti as art- denmark seems to have it's fair share of artists :]

    i hope you find a place soon.

  6. Love the cafe - glad you found some good coffee - that's a must.

  7. Glad to hear you found decent coffee. That is a must somedays. Love the photos, esp. of the beach.


  8. i miss you guys! i want to move there too!

  9. I adore these photos! What a charming little town! :)

    I don't like the city either.

  10. I don't mind you posting a lot of photos... Love them all especially pumpkin head hehe...


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