The Little Gus-Gus

Isaac loves it here.

I am continually amazed by how smart he is for a three year old.  In the morning he will go down to the bakery, point to a hindbær snitter (basically a hand-made raspberry pop-tart), and collect it at the counter . . . while I follow behind, unnecessarily. 

We took him to the park on our third evening here (a good ten to fifteen minute walk), and the following day he remembered exactly how to get there.  So I've taken him every morning this week. 

He runs up to the other children and says a whole bunch of jibberish in this high-pitched mouse-from-Cinderella type voice.  I'm not sure if he is just being his goofy little self, or if he is mimicking his perception of the Danish language.

Last night, he brought me a map of Roskilde, pointed to the blue space indicating water, and then picked up his Lego speed-boat and said, "Come on."

He also drew me this picture and said, "It's you!"  

 Apparently, I am now a yellow, hairless, crazy-eyed, and from the looks of it rather angry floating head.  Oh goody.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. My son is also 3 (almost 4) and I am constantly amazed at the things he says and does. Yesterday he used the word "hypothesis" correctly in a sentence and just about blew me away. Something he learned from all those educational PBS cartoons, no doubt.

    I hope you enjoy your new home in Denmark. I've always wanted to visit Denmark and Sweden. We just relocated from MI to NC late last year and it's been quite an adjustment but I can imagine that moving overseas would be even more so.

    Enjoy your day :)

  2. Hmmm its actually a good likeness.... Glad to see Isaac is enjoying the move. Kids acclimate so easily. Pop-tarts.....hmmph I'm apparently hungry cause that sounds really good right now.


  3. I LOVE when kids draw pictures of us. Do you think that they really see us in the pictures they draw to us. always makes me laugh when they put bodies o n us and there is no neck but just a line.I put all the pictures and letters in my journals hailey and justin ever made me. now that justin is almost 22 and on his own he doesnt make me anything anymore.

  4. o_o

    ^^ that is what isaac was drawing.

    how do you say "hindbaer"? i think i can manage "snitter" just fine, but that's a fancy little smooshed together a and e you've got there. :]

    xo, miss you.

  5. i loved reading this; soo sweet.


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