Huddles in Corner, Chews on Hair

Let me just say ... these are not the happiest conditions in which to move to another country:

1) He and she do not live in the same state until the week of.
2) He is defending his PhD defense, cleaning out his office, and finishing other work-related things during said move.
3) The child develops bronchitis.
4) Both vehicles are unusable (hers because it was smashed by a tree; his because it is a pile of parts that have been duct-taped together, as previously mentioned).
5) The washer machine and dryer are also unusable.
6) She has a nervous breakdown.

That last one didn't happen yet.  Breakdowns aren't quite official until you are huddled in a corner, chewing on your hair.

And now for an oh-so-brief update: The house is emptied out and looking sad and lonely.  Now that we have finally finished moving favored items into storage (almost everything we own fits in a 5 x 10 unit), and rid ourselves of unfavored items, we must begin actually packing for the move.  This is the part I hate.  Which is why I am writing a blog post instead of cramming things into four oversized duffel bags the size of small planets, each.  How we shall carry these and the child through the airport is beyond me.

The good news is we found a place to live during the first month in Denmark, so we shan't be destitute.  It's this darling little studio apartment situated above a bakery in Roskilde.  Or something like that. Since it is a vacation rental, we will have to find a "real home" before the month of August runs out.

... I'll keep you posted.


  1. you have my condolences.

    i don't think there ever was a great adventure without a lot of stress before and during said great adventure.

    it'll be worth it in the end (probably).

    love you.

  2. do you now have your address to the vacation home?

  3. No. I will have it on Friday!

  4. Hang in there honey!!! aww you guys are gonne be going on such a fun adventure!!! We are definitely going to be visiting you guys in two years!!! Love you!

  5. Oh lady, I'm so sorry. Wish you all the luck in the world these next few weeks. <3

  6. I'm so glad you found somewhere to live, even if temporary, and managed to get a lot done in prep for your move despite adversity. You're an amazing woman, and I'm so excited for you about this adventure! Keep on, and no hair chewing!

  7. A sweet studio aparment above a bakery in DENMARK....wow, ha ha....doesn't sound too bad to me:D Good Luck.


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