Leaving on a Jet Plane

July 25th is our Official Date of Departure.   
Because that is when the plane leaves.

Our redeye flight will go something like this: Atlanta to Toronto to Iceland to Denmark, with a layover here and a layover there.  But the main thing is that the tickets were cheap!  Relatively.  You can’t actually get “cheap” tickets from the States to Europe.

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Dreading, dreading, dreading.  Dreading.

Now that we are positively committed to go (pending graduation, contract signed, tickets purchased, visas applied for, etc.), I am mentally preparing myself for the travel agenda.  With a check list.

  • Find some kind of drug that will actually put me to sleep for the long flight in the middle.  (I use an over the counter drug called Ultradorm.  Don’t take the whole thing, just half, and you’ll wake up without even the tiniest hangover.  If you can identify the source of this paraphrase, you win).
  • Find some kind of all-natural substance that will help the kiddo sleep.   Not benadryl or beer.
  • Begin training Isaac to wear headphones so I can preoccupy him with movies on the plane.  (If this experience turns out anything like that time I took him to a 3D film, I’m in for a real treat.)
  • Buy a hearty supply of cheap paperback novels.  Light, edge-of-the-seat, page-turner types.  Suggestions, anyone?  And please, no vampires.
  • Also collect a hearty supply of Fun Stuff to Occupy He-Child.  What’d’ya think?  Whoopie cushion?  Silly string?  GI Joe’s with plastic parachutes? 
  • Figure out how take the tyke-in-trainers to the airplane porta-potty without getting stuck in there.  Must be some kind of trick for this.  (He’s got the Fisher Price Froggy Potty thing down pat, but I’m not sure about the airplane toilet – suction away!  Plus whenever he goes in the toilet – he always screams: IT’S NICE!  Or possibly:  IT’S NASTY!  - I’m not sure – and then raises his arms over his head and does this weird little victory dance which could complicate the escape strategy).

So . . . if you’ve got any suggestions pertaining to traveling with a kiddo, let me know.

I will spend the entire trip wishing for my bed,
and in my mind's eye it will be sticking its tongue out at me, 

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Exactly like this.


  1. Oh man, best of luck to you! Long flights are the worst. Depending on what airline you're taking, they may have a TV/movie service on the headrest on front of you. Take advantage of it if so - sometimes it costs money (like $6) but it's totally worth it. Good luck checking everything off your list, lady!

  2. You've Got Mail... i win! Did I just win my family an all inclusive trip to Europe to visit?!?

  3. Ha ha. I wish I could afford to hand out all-inclusive visits to anywhere. Imagine all the fun you could have buying gifts for people!

  4. Oh my, you sound like you are in for a long flight. Cherrios of course, are a must have. You can bring string along and have the little hands make necklaces....its time consuming at least and then fun to wear (for all ages). A good book...well of course I have to recomment Shadow Dancer as hello...how could I not. As for the potty, well my friend, you are on your own. My littlest refused, and I mean refused to use any potty other than her's at home. She would rather dance around for an hour than use a "yucky" potty. Good luck.

  5. I'd say put the kid in diapers for the trip. Could it really be harder? But that's just me, I have no kid and it's hard enough for me to manage my own bathroom needs while on a plane.

    Love you lots though!

  6. Awesome! I am so excited for you! And jealous! It's going to be so awesome! I hope you've been learning the language!

    I wish I had some book suggestions for you but I'm having a hard time finding books I dig lately. Although, I do like the business book I'm reading if you are into that kind of thing. It could be a nice inspirational fantasy get away... It's called Lessons of a Lipstick Queen by Poppy King. She's an Australian lady who started a lipstick company when she was 18 and made it big super fast. I really love it.

  7. What a cool book, Nicole! I have been meaning to look into business books in preparation for opening the coffeehouse when I get back to the states in two years.


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