I'm A Mad Hatter

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The coffee I made this morning was bad.

Verrrrryyyy bad.

This may be due to the fact that my coffee-maker is nearing old age and I don't clean her enough.

Or perhaps it is because I don't use measuring spoons while making a brew: I simply dump the grinds into the paper filter like there's no tomorrow.  It's an intuitive thing. That being said, it still has about a fifty-fifty chance of ending badly, depending on which grinds you use.

Then again, it could be due to the fact that lately I haven't wanted coffee.  I've wanted hot green tea with spearmint.

Don't give me that look - I'm still a coffee purist, through and through.  I just like to have the occasional fling.

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And since I'm rather new at this tea thing ....
What types of tea do you prefer to drink?


  1. I've never been a tea person myself...it's too weak for me, just tastes like I'm drinking hot, vaguely flavored water. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

  2. I'm a huge tea drinker...I love buying loose teas that you steep yourself. My absolute favourite is coconut chai (delicious with adding a bit of steamed milk), but that's more of a treat. Daily teas include Earl Grey and Japanese green tea (great for your metabolism!) :)

  3. Oh how I LOVE MY MAD HATTERS as I am one of the Main members of this club!
    thru all my studies i have so many fresh tea leaves and such that my kitchen had so many jars of such that i laugh and say im a witch dr. giggle
    i could make you teas you would LOVE!!!!!!
    come on over to my house and I will make you coffee and tea anytime. try dandelion coffee, order it on-line, so good for you.
    welcome to the mad hatter club, im glad your with me at the table of crazyness!

  4. one more thing, wed have to dread your hair and dress you in a mad hatter fashion, steam punk attire will be fine!

  5. I feel like coffee is more masculine and rugged. I drink it when I have hard work ahead of me. Tea is more feminine smooth. With a little sugar, tea prepares me to sit quietly to ponder, or to read others musings. I'm drinking a hot cup of black tea now. MmmmMmm.

  6. herbal teas are my personal favorite. i like some black teas but most are too strong or too bitter for me.

    i will drink tea any day before i drink coffee. NOT a coffee drinker.

    is it weird that i feel like i'm not an adult since i don't like coffee?

    i do like alcohol. does that count?

  7. I think alcohol counts, Ayla.

    You might like half Bailey's Irish cream half Patron coffee flavored tequila. Alcohol that tastes like coffee! That'll make you an adult.

  8. Ooh, green tea is yum. But I do put loads of sugar in it.

    Chamomile is good too.

  9. I love tea!! :) All of my beautiful collection is currently packed (but only for a few more weeks!!!), but my favorite is a natural blend with raspberry and orange and something really dark and earthy in it... <3

  10. hahahha.
    that was cute.
    coffee purist and tea flings on the side. ;)

    same for me, dear.
    though about the only time i don't crave coffee is when i'm sick.

    as for tea: mango. green. peach. irish breakfast (only once so far though).....
    mhmmm, good stuff. maybe a bit of honey once in a while in it.

  11. I am a die hard peppermint tea fan...I have like 4 or 5 cups a day and each cup MUST have TWO tea bags to make it extra pepperminty:D I also love Stash's Green Tea with mint tea...so nourishing.


( hippies always welcome )