Going to the Chapel ...

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During my second year in college, I roomed with three other girls in a basement suite of LeTourneau Dorm. We did everything together, and now, a good 6 years later, we still keep up on a regular basis.

For example, every November we have an early Thanksgiving Party.  We spend the entire day cooking absurd amounts of multicultural foods, and always end up eating leftover egg-rolls for breakfast the morning after.  We have perfected the art of heating them up on the toaster (my toaster is, in fact, quite ruined).

Last weekend, Alicia got married in St. Paul, Minnesota.  As Daynes and Joey and I are all living in Georgia for the time being, we flew in for the wedding together.

Alicia and me at nineteen.

So I thought I'd post up a few photographs from the wedding weekend.

The End.


  1. Beautiful pictures, you could do this professionally!

  2. Aside from the bride being beautiful, I love the 2 photos that you took in the puddles to show the reflection:)

  3. Those are beautiful. Love the best men's feet. Why aren't you doing this professionally?

  4. what a great blog! love the post! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love for you to tell me your opinions on it. :) i'd really appreiciate it. :)

    follow me?

  5. Oh! You were so close! I live about 30 minutes from St Paul! Still love keeping up with you and yours. And praying all goes well for you as you prepare to flee the country ;)

  6. Wow, that photo with the puddle is so great!


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