Kathleen Kelly of the Little Bookstore

. . . I simply adore Meg Ryan . . .

Angelica: You're in a rotten mood.
Patricia: It's the sunshine. Gets me down.

Harry Burns: ‘Days of the weeks underpants’?
Sally Albright: They had the days of the week on them, and I thought they were sort of funny. And then one day Sheldon says to me, "You never wear Sunday." It was all suspicious. . . And he didn't believe me.
Harry Burns: What?
Sally Albright: They don't make Sunday. 

Kate:  Happy - smile. Sad - frown. 
Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion.

Annie Reed: When a man is a widower why do we say he was widowed? Why don't we say he was widowered?

Louise: Are you just saying that because you're taped to a toilet?

. . . but my absolute favorite Meg Ryan film is . . . 

Kathleen Kelly: I thought all that Fox stuff was so charming. F-O-X.
Joe Fox: Well, I didn't lie about it.
Kathleen Kelly: “Joe?  Just call me Joe”? As if you were one of those stupid 22-year old girls with no last name? "Hi, I'm Kimberly!" "Hi, I'm Janice!" Don't they know you're supposed to have a last name? It's like they're an entire generation of cocktail waitresses.


So . . . To whomever it may concern . . . 
Please make another Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie.
I’m begging you.


  1. I like Meg Ryan except that she seems to play the same quirky character in every movie. It's essentially the same movie over and over again. But since it's a lovely movie, that's fine with me :)

  2. I know what you mean! But even if the movie were awful, I'd still love her.

  3. Oh, I'm right there with you - I love her! And she & TH make a good pair, too. I like her serious roles, too.

  4. Wait, what about that movie where she kisses the old guy and the old guy takes her body.....I love, love love, that one. It makes me laugh. Why can't I think of the name....Oh Prelude to a Kiss (gotta love Google).

    However, she and Tom Hanks do make a lovely pair. I didn't realize until this post that she and he were also in Joe vs. the Volcano. We definitely need another Tom and Meg movie.

  5. She has so many lovely movies I just posted about my absolute favorites. But I have seen that one - it was funny!

  6. I think she is so pretty.
    I can think of the name of the show but its just a few years old where her husband has an affair on her and her sister and friends go confront the perfume sales lady about it."The Women" thats what its called, I liked that one.

  7. I love Meg Ryan too. She is so quirky and funny in all of her roles. Serious Moonlight was hysterical. I can see myself doing something like that. :)

  8. I LOOOVE 'You've got mail'!

    "I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils" :) You cannot watch that movie without smiling, or wanting to own a bookstore in New York. You just cannot.

  9. I don't tell people this because I try to pretend like I don't like girly movies, but I love Meg Ryan... Actually I really don't like girly movies, but I like every movie I've seen her in.... And even You've Got Mail.

  10. Wow,what a lovely post, it nice to meet someone else who adores Meg Ryan.
    I love all the films you mention ladaisi especially Joe Versus The Volcano but Prelude To A Kiss is probably my favourite Meg movie...
    and Caitlin I'd recommend you watch Meg in films like Flesh And Bone, Hurlyburly and Addicted To Love if you want to see her in something different, I'm sure you'd enjoy them:)


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