The Secret Life of Me

There is a distinct possibility that I am profoundly and irreversibly screwed up . . . (Runaway Bride).

Last week, while having a family dinner at my parent's house (all twelve of us actually present and accounted for), my dad made the comment that he was sorry, but he had to dismantle our childhood tree fort a few days before.

Shortly following the immediate round of protests was a solid ten minutes of fond reminiscing about the tree fort in the woods out back.

Interrupted by me: Did you guys build that after I left for college?  Because I don't remember it.

And to my surprise, everyone laughed.  Actually laughed.  They thought I was kidding.

Come to find out, I apparently helped BUILD this tree fort.  Literally.  I was there to build it.  And I do not remember a single thing about this incident whatsoever.  Nothing.  Complete blanks.  I don't even remember where the thing was.

What's more, I must've been at least twelve or thirteen when it was constructed because we did not live in that house before then.  Twelve.  Or thirteen.  (I don't know which; I have no memory of this.)

And more importantly: what else am I forgetting?  

All I am really thinking about is that part in While You Were Sleeping, when Peter wakes up from his coma and the doctor says (in this incredibly monotonous voice):  Lacunar Amnesia is a condition in which memory loss is localized and patchy, limited to isolated events.

Behold my future.  And guess what.  
I am not Sandra Bullock's character.


  1. Probably not what I was supposed to take away from this post, but Sandra Bullock looks like Micheal Jackson in that last photo. *shrugs*

  2. Ill tell ya
    the older i get the more i forget
    im only 37!
    its weird!
    hailey will tell me something from the day before and i wont remember and i think maybe its the meds im on, i dont know but it bothers me something awfull

  3. My mom said that she was sad when she started to lose memories from her childhood but truly upset when she started to lose our childhood memories. Something to look forward to...I know happy note, right.

  4. I've had loads of this type of thing happen... Makes you feel crazy... :P

  5. Selective memory is what I call that. I have moments in my childhood that I swear did not happen. However, forgetting an entire fort....that's funny.


  6. The REAL question is: Do you like Jel-O?

    LOL! Great post, Lita. Sarah says you have tapped into your inner blogger, and I think she's right. :D

    And yes, we will come and visit you when you're drooling into a cup and all you can remember is Emily Gilmore's DAR meeting is on that Friday. :P

  7. All of the above comments have made me laugh.

    But they are not very encouraging.

  8. On a further non-encouraging note: I'm laughing too! Long and deliciously.

    Honestly, La, I think this may be my new favorite post. :D


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