Scrap Journal

scrap : a fragment of something
journal : a record of experiences and ideas
I recently bought a Computation Notebook to use as a Scrap Journal.

I cut up an old journal and a dictionary to make the cover.  Which is essentially what I'll be doing with the inside as well.  Gluing bits and pieces of flotsam, like polaroids, post-cards, magazine clippings, etc.  My favorite part is how the pages are numbered. 

I'll keep you posted . . .

Check out 1000 Artist Journals for inspiration on making your own.


  1. What a beautiful family ... my daughter is 14 ... and your is inspiring ... I will stop in more often ... yoU rock

  2. oh yes the numbers are great
    what fun
    i cant wait to see more of your creativity!

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  4. This is way cool! I need to make one of these, I have so many magazine clippings cut out that I've saved for inspiration.


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