Paint, She Said!

For whatever reason,
I got the idea into my head that I should write a children's book.  

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Having grown up with hand-picked books that catered to my imagination, I am an avid fan of the genre itself.  I would be an avid collector if I could only afford it.

The story-line I originally thought up for a children's book (way back when) has stayed with me ever since, slowly evolving inside my head.

Earlier this year, I decided it was high time to start thinking about illustrations.  Thus began a whirl-wind of research and sketching and erasing and staring at walls.  I have had a ruler behind my left ear and lead-colored finger-prints for two months straight.  People working on design degrees may be able to relate.

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Which brings me to my little bit of news: As of this week, I have officially finished all the preliminary sketches as well as the basic story-line.  And I am now ready to paint.  

(Paint, she said!) 

Bear in mind that I am an unfortunate perfectionist who will revise within an inch of her life and still be unsatisfied with the final product. (To borrow a thought from Ludwig Bemelman: When I finish writing my books, I kick them in the belly and have done with them.)

That being said, I can honestly say I am loving what I have thus far.

Which, quite truthfully, is nothing short of astonishing.

More to come . . .

P.S. Check out my short guest post over at Pixie Mama today! And wish Polly a happy birthday while you're there!


  1. That's awesome, Laur! Sarah told me about the one frame she saw and I'm dying to see it.

    BTW, if you start looking for agents, I happen to know there are several good-looking ones out there that accept children's picture books. If you can get past the cutesiness of some of their websites, that is. ;)

  2. I really love this. I think writing and illustrating an children's book would be amazing! Some of my favorite reads are still children's books. Have you read "Sam the Cat Detective"?

  3. fantastic i cant wait to see and read the final project... you are blooming. and yes you should visit Savannah...Would love to take you and yours out to dinner. ;)

  4. Wow, congratulations! What an exciting new adventure, can't wait to see how it turns out!


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