You know that one piece of clothing you can never seem to find?  

Let me rephrase: you find plenty of them.  Just not the one you want.

Well, mine is the perfect white t-shirt.

And today, I found it.

On Google.

Jennifer Aniston is wearing it.

And it is $60.

. . . Sad day.


  1. *is pondering what could possibly make a plain white t-shirt 60 bucks* ;) Sorry for your sad day, Laur! Hoping you find a much more reasonably-priced shirt in the near future. :D

  2. hmmmmm i hate when that happens
    stupid popular people of the world (celebrities) buy them for that stinkin price and us little people cant afford them.
    those in front will be in the back and those in the back will be in the front
    i know thats not the proper way the bible verse goes but its one of my favs.
    try target, i love target
    come to colorado and we will go find one together

  3. I will make your day happier.

    You would not like that shirt. You would say, "there is too much fabric at the bottom"

    Now you can have a happy day.


    P.S. Your "Hippies always welcome" reminder at the top of this box always makes me feel like I should NOT be leaving a comment.

  4. Outrageous! It's a white T-shirt! But...it is quite perfect. I have many such elusive articles of clothing on my own wish-list. One of which would be the perfect belt.

  5. Hippies always welcome . .. and other people like Laura Page. ;) How's that?

    You should try Forever21.com - SO CHEAP!

  6. Holy Cow!

    I love white tees but it never fails, I walk down the hall and stains find me. Maybe it is the 3 energetic jumping large dogs...or the fact I tend to spill...but never misses the tee.

  7. I always have this problem!!

  8. I bet its a soft and comfy shirt too!

    She has a necklace I want!


( hippies always welcome )