One Cardboard Slip At a Time

Lately I've been making coffee cozies during down-time.  Just for the heck of it (easy, cheap: why not).  I figure once I open the coffeehouse, I'll sell them for a dollar each and save the environment.  One cardboard slip at a time. 

Here's what I've got so far:
and please pardon the quality of these photos
as they were taken with a cell phone

Wool felt, laminated dictionary or atlas butterfly cut-outs, embroidery thread, funky snaps (opposite side).
I've made a few of these in various colors.  

{The fabric underneath is a Lucky scarf Tim bought me last week.}

Crocheted wool, tiny crocheted daisies, and decorative buttons.  
Only made one of these so far, but more to come.  

In greens, blues, and plums, I think.  
Also with boy scout and army badges as embellishments.

If you've got any other ideas for me, I'd love to hear them!
Or if you make cozies, I'd like to see yours please!

{Cozies fit Starbucks cups, all sizes.}


  1. Love these! I can't wait until I have a free weekend and you can show me how you do all this talented stuff! :)

  2. oh these are adorable. I'd actually use these! the ones at moe joe's aren't that great i've always thought, but these changed my mind about coffee collars!

  3. I have thought about making those also but never have the time.
    once you get some made I wiill buy some from you.


( hippies always welcome )