Guest Posting

I was recently asked to write another guest post for the Miss Simplee Blog and it is officially up, as of this morning! You may've noticed how often I mention Robin McKinley's novel Beauty. There seems to be quite a bit interest in this book, so . . .

I wrote a review . . . about how much I love it. You can find it here: Once Upon A Time: A Book Review. 

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Wouldn't want anyone to miss out on such a perfect read.


  1. I have read Robin McKinley, and I have to agree with you on her book, Beauty. Very good read.

    Oh, and I enjoyed your review.

  2. Great review! I love that book, and read just about every fairytale retelling I can find. If you want another interesting take on this one, try "Beast" by Donna Jo Napoli.

  3. I agree with Alena. You've written a great review, and now I want to go out and grab a copy, myself!


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