Introducing Wymberly, the Four-Inch Fairy

. : Will be available in prints once I open my Etsy shop : .

Watercolor and ink.
By Lauren Holgate.  Copyright. 

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  1. so adorable girl, your whole blog!

  2. she is so pretty
    i love her hair
    make one with dreds and ravens giggle

  3. liking that youve given her freckles! Very cute.

  4. Cool! Hey, I think that's the hair cut I'm going to get... I haven't found a good photo of it yet.

    Do you think the hair stylist will laugh if I show her a drawing as the way I want my hair :P

  5. Haha go for it! I think you'd look great with this hair.

  6. Shut up, as Stacy London would say. You write AND draw? And very well, I might add. I've carried a fairy story around in my head for ages, a forest fantasy/coming of age tale of a spring that almost doesn't occur save for some eco coaxing from our heroine. Yeah, best left in my head.

  7. So amazing! Great job! You're so talented!

  8. I still have my print of her! You gave it to me as a card years ago-- I think it's getting a little faded from being on my wall for so long, though. lol Sad, but it means I've enjoyed it for a long time. ;)


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