Confessions of an Avid Blogger

nar·cis·sism noun \ˈnär-sə-ˌsi-zəm\

Ex: In his narcissism, he just assumed that everyone else wanted to hear the tiny details of his day.

. . .  You love hearing about the tiny details of my day, right?

Borrowed from Livia Cristina

There is something very narcissistic in keeping a relatively public blog about a personal life.  I can admit that (she says, so humbly).  Blogging also seeps up an incredible amount of time.  

In my opinion (she has so many), it’s worth it.  Here’s why:  

01) It’s helped me accumulate a journal of sorts.  It’s nice being able to look back and see the journey.  Especially for someone who struggles to remember the fine print.  Or other important things.  

02) I’ve found several new like-minded friends.  And yes, I do count my blogging friends as “real” friends, for those of you who’ve asked.  

03) It keeps me in creative mode.  I am endlessly inspired by the other blogs I read.  I love my lengthy blog-roll.  

04) I can write freely (without fearing a standardized rejection from a literary agent who may or may not have actually read a single sentence).  

05) As sappy as it sounds, I feel like I'm part of a Blog Community.  Which, for an introvert like me, means quite a bit. 
And now that I've validated my narcissistic hobby, I'll sum up by saying: 
Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!  It makes me happy.

What do you love about blogging?

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  1. I love that you wrote this post! I blog for all the same reasons! I too consider my blog friends "real" friends, and writing as I do about writing and creative expression keeps me accountable in a way to actually WRITE SOMETHING from time to time, (lol).

  2. Oh good. For awhile there I was beginning to feel silly about posting so often. . . but at least I'm in good company. ;)

  3. Great post. I consider you a friend through our blogging interactions. I think this is real, isn't it? Hugs Karen

  4. I'm totally with you! :) I love that you blog, and I love that we're becoming friends, and I love that IRL begins to blend with BlogLife, and, and, and...yah. Keep blogging, friend! :)

  5. There's something so liberating about the vulnerability of blogging. I love it.

  6. I look forward to reading about real lives,real events,just realness. It makes me happy to have new friends and to be able to express my self in any way I want.
    I could go on and on. there is nothing better than far away friendships. I cant wait to get on to read the blogs I follow and yours is by far one of my favs!

  7. I love that you wrote this. It affirms all the reasons why I love reading your blog and why I love to blog.

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  9. ditto...
    I have found it so cathartic and therapeutic... met some wonderful creative women...and have connected with so many otherwise we would have never crossed paths. I am glad we found each other friend. =)

  10. love this, i feel the same way. it started out as nothing but a personal journal for me to keep track of my life and my progress with violet bella. but i found so many other like minded peeps through blogging and made so many friends. and so many people who wanted to see more and more of what i made. so it went from just personal to sharing. and i love it. it is a community. like none other. and the more open you are with yourself the more real it becomes with the people you meet. love this post.

  11. Blogging, like collecting/swapping stamps or postcards, can be like "spreading confetti of friendship around the world".
    At least some bits will be appreciated. :)


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