Oh Bother

Things to Dislike Revisited

(See previous post It Just Bugs Me):

  • When the whip cream won't come to the edge of the cup.  This leaves 3 options:  1) Add so much whip cream that you must drink coffee through it.  2) Use finger to retrieve whip cream (Miss Manners does not approve).  3) Turn cup in circles while drinking in vain attempt to force whip cream towards mouth (and watch sadly while it melts into your coffee).

  • When Isaac wakes up and immediately thinks to himself, “I should put something in the toilet today!”  Socks, spoons, the pumpkin, all of the toilet paper, and/or a small green dinosaur.    

  • When authors use too many exclamations points, thereby forcing me to read with a jump and a skip and a perpetual smile.  This turns me into Hugh Laurie.

  • When I invest quite a bit of time into a book or movie only to discover that the main character (or his or her lover, family, and/or best friend) dies at the end.   There are no words to express my disappointment.  And rage.  I think this situation should qualify for a refund.

  • On the flip side: When the bad guy in said movie/book has a change of heart, mends his/her ways, and becomes a good guy.  I hate this.  It may not be realistic, but I prefer my bad guys to be bad through and through (with a dry sense of humor).  Now if the book/movie can portray the “bad guy” as the protagonist, it gets even better.

  • When Tim goes to Boston (in the fall) without me.  Actually this has only happened once.  This week, if you must know.

  • When my clothes are all wrong.  If you’re female, chances are you know what I’m talking about.  You may own an entire closetfull of clothes, but absolutely nothing you own is “right.”  Naturally you feel justified in complaining that you “don’t have any clothes at all.”

  • When trying to write fiction is like extracting teeth.  Letter by letter by letter.

What bothers you?  

Come on, try to see the humor in the bothersome things.


  1. nothing bothers me! i am invincible! and i use lots of exclamation points! while simultaneously sticking my whole hand into my cup of coffee to get out the whipped cream, which i'll probably put in the toilet as soon as i get out of bed!

  2. i like the list
    and totally agree with the thing about characters

    and ahh I love Hugh Laurie

    incase you wanted me to reply on your blog instead of mine...:

    I think I would have liked to be born in the 70s so I could have grown up in the 1980s as I jus' love the music and culture
    oorr in a totally different century 'cos I really love history

    and thanks :)


  3. your son really does that!? its so much fun raising kids!!!
    oh, too many exclamation marks, just can't get over them :)

  4. Ha ha love this post, it's funny but so true...loving your honesty.

  5. That's easy: when there is absolutely NO chocolate in the house. I would rather run out of toilet paper than chocolate. (Is that wrong?)

  6. I think not?

    I get the cravings, too.


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