It Just Bugs Me

Things that bother me, for whatever reason:

1) When blogspot inexplicably changes my font size, spacing, and or color scheme sans my approval.  Does this happen to other bloggers, or (heaven forbid) am I going batty?

2) When it's been raining all day and the sun just pops out without warning.  It confuses my mood.

3) Crumbs on the floor.  Which can't be helped, really, because my kiddo recently discovered his favorite food is biscotti.  It's not like he gets it that often, but when he does there is no confining the mess to the table top.  If nothing else, biscotti is a stick of crumbs.

4) When my computer goes thbbbbpt.  And by that I do mean Freezes, Falters, and Forgets (you got it, the Three F's).  I know I shouldn't, but I tend to take it personally and it puts me in The Wicked Witch of the West kind of a mood. 

5) The sudden realization that The People In Charge haven't a clue, and you can't possibly trust them to a) teach you what you need to know to pass the exam (or pass go and collect $200, whatever), and b) relay in a semi-cohesive manner whatever the heck it is they want from you in the first place.  This specifically applies to the registrar's office, professors, employers, and those with whom you reside.

6) Forgetting where I've left off in a good book and having to skim through and find my spot, thereby accidentally reading bits I hadn't already read and spoiling the surprise of What Happens Next.  I hear this can be solved by using bookmarks (I use receipts, and misplace them while I'm reading.  I've got a couch chalk-full of them).

8) Those dreams in which people are waiting on you to get dressed so you can all leave together, and you cannot find your clothes (except maybe a sock and half a pair of pants) so they leave without you.  And then you are falling, falling, falling, only to land directly next to someone you haven't seen in ages and you can't remember their name (which turns out to be extremely offensive, even though they immediately proceed to morph into duckbill platypus), and then you feel a set of tires running over your face and you wake up - and it's your three year old son, with a matchbox car.  (You know?)

9) The look the Wal-Mart greeter gives me when I go in there more than twice during any given week.  (Disclaimer: this may be purely imaginary).

10) When I can't figure out what the lyrics mean.  "'It's cloud's illusions, I recall.  I really don't know clouds at all.'  What does that mean?  Was she a pilot?  Is she taking flying lessons?"  (You've Got Mail).  No offense to Joni Mitchell fans; I love her too.

I'll stop now, for fear of alienating my readers (must admit though, this post was much more fun to write than the "Things I Like" post.  Guess it depends on your personality - I always did like "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" better than "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things"  Guess I'm flawed). 

What bugs you?  (Go ahead, find some humor in the bothersome things.)


  1. I LOVE that I am not the only person that has had "The sudden realization that The People In Charge haven't a clue"

    Sing it, girl! I, too, am a full-time college student and deal with the inadequacies of those in charge of my education on a daily basis. It's higher education, don't they understand the expectations placed on them are higher?!

    "I'll stop now, for fear of alienating my readers" made me smile. Honey, if I have any readers after all the horrible truths I post on a regular basis, you'll be just fine!

  2. Aww thanks Harmony. You're sweet. Plus it's always nice knowing I'm not alone (misery loves company, etc.)

  3. i'm pretty sure my dread alienated every read i have ever had or could ever hope to have.

    i hate forgetting my lotion and having dry crusty hands. i don't like to touch ANYTHING after that. i'll spit on my hands before picking up a sweater. it's so weird. brain-- stop being weird.

  4. and by read, i do mean readers.

    oh bother.

  5. First let me say I thoroughly enjoyed this post. It was extremely well written and I love observational humor. I am sorry I am just now realizing you left a comment on one of my blogs. I have got some settings I need to change with regards to being notified.
    To answer a question about linking up to other blogs, well there is two ways you can do this, and please, this is in my mind only, :P
    1. Include their blog link on your blog in exchange for their putting your link on theirs.
    2. Post one of their links in an article you have written of similar subject. I also have on my interior decorating blog a guest writer that posts articles. In exchange for their article they include a hyperlink back to their website in the article itself.
    I hope that helps and I'm so happy to meet you. What an interesting lady! Thank you for your kind words, they were just the encouragement I needed!

  6. Ayla - You haven't alienated all your readers because of your dread/dreads! :) But if some of your old readers are offending you, you could probably block them (I've never tried this so I don't know how) and find new readers!

    Dawn - Thank you again! I've been confused/asking questions about links since I started so this really helps!

    Court - Thanks! Tim made it for me. I like it too.

  7. Regarding your annoyance #1, have you tried using Windows Live Writer as substitute for the default Blogger editor?

    It is still a what-you-see-is-what-you-get blog editor. But the articles it publishes look very similar (if not exact) as when the articles were still drafts.

  8. This post really made me laugh! Our life is pretty much all about the people in charge not having a clue! LOL!


  9. Wow thanks Conan! I'll have to try that - anything to save my sanity!

    Allison - happy to make you laugh! Thanks!

  10. Awesome! Can't wait to read your post!


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