I was browsing through the blog posts on SeededBuzz and came across the Optimal Optimist’s article about simple things.  Thought I’d try my hand at writing my own list (would you believe the Merriam Webster thesaurus lists Plain-Vanilla as a synonym for the word Simple?).  So, here goes – a few of the simple things that inspire me (or just make me happy): 

1) The sound of percolating coffee.  

2) Finding unexpected notes in my mailbox.

3) Waking up to find Isaac sitting there, watching me sleep.

4) Writing the first sentence of a new chapter – you never know what might happen.  Your characters might surprise you.

5) Having a complete stranger begin a conversation with me – about anything or nothing at all.

6) The way glass catches sunlight.

7) Type-writer sounds - whirring, tapping, and ping (The Olympia Report Deluxe Electric Typewriter - "Report, as in gunshot." - You've Got Mail).

I’m tagging a few of my blogging buddies to post their own list of simple things and link back to me.  If I haven’t tagged you and you want to respond, please write a post and let me know or leave me a comment!

I tag: Ayla, Court, and Priscilla

(No pressure – if you don’t have the time don’t feel obligated!  I just thought it’d be fun).


  1. Cute post! Love unexpected notes in my mailbox! That's my favorite! :).

  2. Thanks! I know, especially post cards from overseas!

  3. Hi! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for buzzing my post. Your list of little things that make you happy is really great- I can definitely agree with #2...sometimes just a little unexpected note can make my day!

    Great blog- I'll be stopping by again to read more of your posts : )

    Vanessa from Optimal Optimist

  4. Finally did it! :)


    I'm going to try to call you later today. Hope all is well :)

  5. Hi Lauren,
    I hopped over to your blog from Dani's (http://daniellaindie.wordpress.com/2010/10/23/rule-breakers/) just to check out--as you put it--another "stay-at-home mom and aspiring writer." I love the joy oozing through your blog posts, and I'm now a follower. And I'll definitely have to check out this whole seededbuzz thing :-). Thanks for the idea!


  6. Hi Lauren!

    I've made a Simple Things list on my blog! Please check it out! I've linked back to you of course too! It was a fun list to write.

    -the mermaid Nicole

  7. Oops, here's my blog for everyone:


  8. Thanks Nicole! Everybody check her blog out - I love it!

  9. Stopped in to read your blog. I'm now a follower. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Lauren -

    I'm going to ponder the things that inspire me and get back to you. This is a great idea!

    See, I told you your blog is inspirational! ;)

    ~Harmony the Horrible Housewife

  11. Loved your list. Especially #5-I love having fabulous unexpected conversations with strangers!


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