Something Vintage

ModCloth is my favorite online vintage boutique. It has everything from dresses reminiscent of pin-up girls and the 'fifties, to eclectic accessories and unique apartment decor. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone who has an artistic flair to their style, and loves being one of a kind.  Favorites:    
Army of She Heel
Contour Map Dress
In the Name of Love Necklace
Holiday Cheer Chickadee Ornaments
The Cutest Sneeze in the World: 30 Cat Postcards

Be sure to check out The ModCloth Blog as well as A Thrifting Tale: Susan's Story, a brief article about how ModCloth was created.  It's definitely an inspiration to anyone with a creative edge and perhaps an Etsy Shop.  What's your favorite boutique (online or otherwise)?


  1. modcloth <3

    we've been thrifting it up lately. i'd have to say goodwill is my recent favorite... definitely not online though.

  2. Haha definitely not.

    You can find some awesome stuff at thrift stores. I found my green army trunk coffee table, my set of funky dishes, and my favorite tidye tunic while thrifting.

    Find anything good lately?

  3. lots of things-- a comforter, some curtains i plan on ripping up and hanging somehow, a knitted throw blanket, a cute dress, lots of tops, two skirts... all for under $75! :D


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