One Fine Day

The boys and I visited Highlands, North Carolina today - more for the drive than anything else, really.  The drive is about an hour and a half by way of the curvy mountain road (she said, as if it were the only one in the world), so we were able to see the leaves changing colors before the cold sets in and the trees turn into giant sticks.  We listened to a mixed tape somebody made for me (I heart you, Chloe), and now I've got Blitzen Trapper's Country Caravan stuck in my head (happiness).  I love finding the one song that fits the mood of the day.

Once we got there, we bought a loaf of banana nut bread from the local grocery store/cafe, and then wandered around downtown for about forty (just us and a bunch of middle-aged yuppies wearing Halloween costumes).  Isaac immediately found the toy store, picked out a model yellow school bus, and then looked at us and said, "come on" and started walking towards the exit.  My interpretation after reading between the lines: Okay, I've found the toy I want now and I need you to pay for it; then we can go.  Which is just as well, considering that meant we didn't have to carry a screaming, kicking three-year-old out of the store (spankings make them scream louder, you know).  (I am a push-over.)  (Have I mentioned how I like buying my way into the hearts of small children?)

And then we drove home (translation: Tim drove; Isaac and I took a nap).  And now we're making garlic bread, broccoli, and tilapia covered in minced garlic and pan-seared in butter.  Also having some Jekel Monterey Riesling (mmm), and watching a movie with Hugh Grant (Tim picked it out, with a disclaimer: "I know this might be the gayest thing I've said in several weeks, but I'm in the mood for some Hugh Grant.")

It's been a pretty perfect day . . . even if I did wake up this morning with a bad case of vertigo.


  1. Hey girl!

    Thanks for the follow, I appreciate it! Your blog is beautiful and inspiring.

    ~The Horrible Housewife

  2. I forgot to thank you for the comment. Oh, and I grabbed your button too! ;)

  3. Thanks Harmony! You're the first to get my button! Makes me happy. ;)

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