We Can Do It!

There is a very specific list of things that many boys learn from their fathers while growing up, but most women rarely ever learn to do for themselves.  This list includes things like construction know-how, disassembling and reassembling car engines (or any engine, for that matter), and fixing pipes, electrical wiring, and, of course, appliances.  Lately I've been thinking how nice it would be if I could take a class on how to do these things myself.  Don't get me wrong - I don't think women should try to do everything men do (or vice-versa), nor do I think it is particularly beneficial for a woman to assume the position of the regular "handy-man"just to prove that anything he can do she can do better (although this could be fun).  Any woman who has a man to do these things for her is extremely lucky.

That being said, I also think it'd be extremely useful if I could learn to do some of these things myself.  At the end of most weeks I have a To-Do List for Tim that I can't possibly "check-off" on my own.  For instance, this week's list includes fixing the dryer, fixing a door, and fixing our television - all things I have no idea how to fix (and believe me, I'd try if I didn't think it'd make it worse).  Unfortunately, this means Tim has to spend part of the weekend (when he's here at the cabin) fixing something we can't seem to do without.  And no, Isaac and I aren't particularly prone to break things - we just happen to live in older homes that often need repaired.  The point of all this merely being that I'd like to chip in, learn to fix these things myself, and free up the weekend.

Any tips on how to become Rosie the Riveter?


  1. yes, just sign tim up for the military and send him away for 7 months. then, when you can't afford someone to fix it, you can google "how to fix..." and THEN you will figure it out.

    OR you could just call your landlord, like i do. cost, $0. :D

  2. Haha sure. I've done the google thing, and I'll tell you - the stuff I "fix" breaks again really fast.


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