Official Potty-Training Camp

Day #1 (Yesterday) of Official Potty-Training Camp:

I took Isaac and his Froggy Friend outside on the deck for a few hours, where he wore nothing but cotton shorts.  Unfortunately, I can't watch for signs that he has to use the bathroom because he doesn't have any.  His I'm-Fine face is no different than his I-Have-To-Gotta-Go-To-The-Bathroom face, he doesn't do a dance, and he feels no need to hide.  And since he isn't speaking fluently yet (I set up an appointment to get his ears checked next week), there is no pre-pee-pee warning: Mommy I have to GOOOO!  But on the whole, it went rather well.  Two misses for one victory (I have never been so excited about the toilet before, believe me - it involved cheering and candy and everything).  Sadly, Isaac now hates his Froggy Friend and screams when he sees it.  But I did buy him a pack of 2T-3T underwear-with-cars-on-them.  He was so excited he tried to put them all on at once.

And on to Day #2.


  1. How fares Day #2? Any major mishaps/successes?

    A possible way to get him to sit on the potty and be happy about it might be to lay down a drop cloth, or something to protect the floor from accidents, and let him sit in front of the TV.

    Mainly my mom's strategy seems to have been to constantly have a timer running: half an hour off the potty (twenty minutes if you're feeding the kid lots of juice), five to fifteen minutes on the potty. And hope for enough candy-worthy successes to turn the whole thing into a game.

    *shrugs* That's all I got. That, and wild extravegant praise, but you're already all over that one. :D

  2. Thanks Sarah! Well... he used the potty several times today. The kid pees every five minutes, I couldn't believe it. But he also peed on himself about four times. Guess he's learning though because he immediately went and sat on the toilet after he peed on himself.

    At any rate, he got way too much candy. He started turning it down.


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