The Elders of the Internet Know Who I Am?

The above title/quote is from IT Crowd.  If you haven't watched it yet, do yourself a favor and give it a try. 

Sad to say, my computer cable is fried and my battery died.  Can't do a thing with it.  So I've ordered a new cord and am waiting for it to arrive - which is why I may not update for a bit.  Then again, maybe it'll come today (which would be great because I'm going through withdrawals).  I've commandeered my brother's laptop for a bit (shh, he doesn't know).

On another note. . . the cabin has an odd smell.  I've tried everything.  Opened doors and windows.  Turned on air conditioner unit.  Sprayed Clean Linen air freshener (how does one go about recreating the scent of "clean" linen - only linen, no other fabrics - and capturing it into an air-tight can)?  Lit Vanilla candles (pillar size).  Removed mouse nest from behind dryer.  Laid new carpets down over the old.  Cooked chicken.  Put perfume on upper lip.  And now, after all that - either I've grown accustomed to the smell and it's not bothering me anymore, or it really has diminished.  Not sure.  I think my nose stopped functioning after the new carpet smell.

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