Loft Apartments

I must admit, I am a bit obsessed with the whole concept of a Loft Apartment.  I have literally spent hours looking through photographs and floor plans of The Lofts in any given city (as I happen to come across in Google search), imagining what it'd be like to live in - or better yet, own one of these old factory/warhouse buildings.  I love the idea of having extremely high ceilings, interior red-brick walls, massive windows, expansive floor space (wood or cement), and the overall look of a spacious studio apartment.  These buildings would also work really well with my ideal decorating style (and by ideal, I do mean the decorating style I cannot yet afford).  If I could get my hands on a building like this, I could open my coffeeshop in one apartment, live in another, and rent out the rest - and life would be perfect.

That being said, I am also extremely fond of the Shabby Chic and Pottery Barn look as well.  I recently read a post by Fine Diving entitled Shabby Chic Vs. Mid-Century Modern (not quite as modern as the Lofts, which have a somewhat minimalist look about them), but she's got pictures up of the shabby look against the brick backdrop.  I'd love to try my hand at this if I ever get into one of these apartments - sort of combining the two to create a perfect balance.  That way, I can keep up my minimalist tendencies while still allowing myself the occasional thrifting experience.

These photographs are the from The Lofts in Greenville, SC:

Living Space in Shoeless Joe Jackson
Master Bedroom
And Outside

Plus don't forget to check out the Floor Plans (happy dreaming).


  1. I'm exactly the same way. Anytime I see an old warehouse I dream of what it would be like if I turned it into a series of loft apartments.

  2. This is a great dream! I say go for it! Wonder what small steps you can take now that would start to put you closer to that decorating style and or choices you can start to make that will bring you closer to living in something like that or better! These images are so inspiring - makes me want to move in there ASAP. While living in ATL I rented a loft for about two years and loved it - would love to own one as well! Here's to dreams come true!

  3. Thanks ladies! There's just something about the old warehouse buildings that scream ARTISTIC SPACE! And you know, if you live in an artistic space you're sure to always feel twice as creative, right? Works for me.

    There isn't a lot I can do right now towards that goal. . . but I'll keep my eyes open for opportunities.

  4. Can I get in that dream, too? An old building...a coffee shop...a loft apartment...long sigh.

    Thanks so much for the buzz, too.


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