You Are A Child's Play Thing!

Thought I'd make a list of Isaac's favorite toys and see if I could get any feedback on what your kids like best.  Although Isaac has started to develop a slightly more expensive taste in toys, he also likes to play with elbow noodles and pots and pans - go figure.  Plus, you can never go wrong with the handy-dandy bubbles and stuffed blue elephant.

Toy Story Characters.  You can actually buy these in all kinds of different sizes and materials, but we got Isaac's at Target (cheaper).  The set came with all the main characters except Mr. Potato Head.

Matchbox Cars.  Isaac's all-time favorite toy (really, it can be a car of any size, but he has an entire shoebox full of these little guys).  He carries them around everywhere.

Thomas The Tank Engine.  Isaac likes the wood set of trains with the puzzle-piece train track.  They have the entire thing at Barnes and Noble, set out for the kiddies to play with when they visit.

Play-Mobile Ships.  This is his new favorite.  We recently bought him the small Pirate Ship, although he likes his uncle's big boats better.  He doesn't actually do much with them other than sit and look, but he certainly loves them.

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