Daisy Chain

"Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?"
- You've Got Mail -
My favorite bracelet is a beaded daisy chain I learned how to make as a kid.  As I recently needed to restring mine, I dug up the instructions and have put them on here so I don’t forget (as you can see, I used blue, white, and yellow beads for mine). 
Standard-size seed beads in 3 different colors
A beading needle
A spool of beading thread or dental floss
1 Clasp
Nail polish

All these materials can be found at Michaels (minus the dental floss and nail polish) and are fairly inexpensive. If you wax your thread of choice with beeswax it can make the process simpler, but this is not necessary.

1. Measure out the exact length of thread you will need based on what you intend to make (you can use this pattern for anklets, bracelets, necklaces, or chokers).  Make the thread six times longer than you have measured.  Cut.  I’ve also used dental floss to make these as it is a tougher material, but this is entirely a matter of choice.
2. String your needle so it is in the center of your thread, creating double strands. This makes for a stronger piece of jewelry, less likely to break while you're wearing it. Tie the loose ends to one side of the clasp, creating an anchor for your beads. 
3. String ten blue beads onto your thread. 
4. Follow this by six white beads. 
5. Push your needle back up through the first white bead on your thread. This will form a circle for the body of the daisy. 
6. String on one yellow bead. 
7. Pull your needle through the fourth white bead on your thread. This should force the yellow bead into the center of your flower.  Use your finger to press the daisy flat. 
8. String ten more blue beads onto your thread. 
9. Repeat this process until you have reached your desired length, then tie the other end of your clasp on and trim the extra thread. 
10. Paint the knots you tied with nail polish and let them dry. This will keep your knot from unraveling.
Keep in mind that there is a lot of variation in how these are made – you can make a row of daisies without the chain, add leaves, shorten or lengthen the chain itself, or research other patterns based on what you’d like to create.

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