Two-Year-Old Behavior (Specifically Isaac)

1.  Carries around a laminated map of South Carolina.  When pretending to read it, he uses a pair of orange plastic pliers to mark his route.

2.  Builds castles out of duplex legos only to pick them up and smash them on the floor.  Seems to derive some sort of odd satisfaction out of watching them disintegrate (this can't be good).

3.  Says "Nah!" and waves his hand whenever he does not want something, as if to say "I couldn't possibly be bothered with food right now."

4.  Is afraid of the vacuum.  Hides behind furniture.

5.  Compulsively sanitary.  Uses wipes to wash hands when eating, after which he cleans the walls.

6.  Copies his father: sits in chair and rests head in both hands, prefers all things electronic, takes apart (model) cars and leaves them in pieces.

7.   Likes to pillow fight, wrestle, build forts, and pretend to drive the Jeep.

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