When you feel sad, or under a curse - your life is bad, your prospects are worse. Your wife is crying, sighing - and your olive tree is dying. Temples are graying, and teeth are decaying, and creditors weighing your purse. Your mood and your robe are both a deep blue. You'd bet that Job had nothin' on you. Don't forget that when you go to heaven you'll be blessed - Yes, it's all for the best!
My siblings and I grew up listening to the Godspell record (yes, vinyl) from the 1970’s off-Broadway musical.  Of course, we had all but forgotten about these songs until we watched the actual movie – a retelling of the Gospel According to St. Matthew in hippie language and an urban setting.  Synopsis: Jesus, a twenty-something white male with a red heart inked on his forehead dances about the city with his band of disciples, singing and acting out the parables.  Apparently Godspell had a huge impact on the Jesus Movement - my dad even said the film was one of the reasons he got saved.  Ever seen it?


( hippies always welcome )