If You Want To Sing Out

I've narrowed down my list of Things To Accomplish By Age 35 (originally the goal was 30, but I gave myself an extra 5 years because much of this depends on finances).  These are the main five goals:
  • Get a book or two published.  I'm working on a novel right now, and I have a great idea for a children's picture book in mind.
  • Open my coffeehouse.  Small, eclectic, creative - catering specifically to students, fledgling artists, and bands in their "garage-stage." 
  • Travel extensively - overseas and cross-country.  For the cross-country roadtrip, I want to refinish an old VW-bus - you know, make a bedroom in the back, spend the nights in campgrounds with electrical outlets, and create a massive Elizabethtown-type scrapbook of the experience (maps, soundtracks, photographs).
  • Record our latest 15 songs.  Steph and I have been working on a new set and I'd love to have a high-quality recording of it.
  • Learn to play tennis.  This goes on my resolution list every year.  It's not like I'm clueless - I have had lessons before.  I just want to play well.
I also have a list of Flexible Goals* (by flexible I mean I may change my mind):
  • Buy an old brick home, gut it, and design and decorate.  After the last experience buying an old house, I refuse to ever be a home-owner again unless A) We build it ourselves, or B) We can afford to tear out the inside and re-do everything before move-in day.
  • Chip-in with my siblings (assuming we ever make enough money) and purchase a beach house that will serve two purposes: be my parent's home and our vacation residence.
  • Adopt a child.  Any country.
  • Get my masters degree.  I've applied; we'll see.
  • Become a personal fitness instructor.  I love working out.
  • Become a soccer-mom - you know, the one with the baseball cap, the snack cooler, and the loud mouth: KICK THE MEAN BOYS IN THE SHIN!
  • Go to an outdoor black-and-white movie.  I don't mean a drive-in where people sit in their cars.  I want a regular park with a big screen and Cary Grant.
  • Visit a big-bands bar.  I don't know if these still exist, but I saw one in a movie about Glenn Miller's life and I've been obsessed with the idea of finding one ever since.  Basically, they have a full band actually present (I don't want elevator music), and people dress up and drink gin from tea cups.  Or something.
  • Get my blog up to a higher page-rating (or any, for that matter.  Don't ask).  Click "Follow" on the right-hand side-bar!  If you don't have a blogspot account, that's okay.  Just choose the Google Account option and type in your email address.  Actually, this may or may not help the PR, but it can't hurt.
Considering the "flexible" list could go on for a decade or two, I'll stop there (before I start singing Cat Stevens).  You'll notice I've mixed several major goals in with simple things I'd  like to experience.  A great deal of life is composed of small things, after all.

What are your goals?

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  1. I love these goals! I think opening up a coffeehouse would be awesome! And so enjoyable :).

    Good luck!

  2. Yay! You should come visit it when it's open, wherever it is. ;)

  3. Let's see...I will be 35 in like two years, so I may have to set my goals a little farther out. My top goal at some point in my future (before I die is all that matters)is to own a porsche 911 carrera. To all those men who might read this....I KNOW it is not that fast, but it is pretty!

  4. One more thing..a goal if you will....to have Mrs. Ladaisi's coffee house opened in Dahlonega!


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