Boys Will Be Boys

  • Isaac thought he'd try and be Tarzan yesterday, using the window blinds as his vine.  You know that stick on the left-hand side of plastic blinds?  The one that, when turned, makes the slats open and close?  He used that in a brave attempt to swing from one side of the window to the other . . . and promptly landed in the middle, on top of my head.
  • I took him on a walk and the first thing he did was gather up an armload of rocks and heave them over the side of the road.  He seemed to derive some sort of odd satisfaction out of watching them fall and land.
  • I'm fairly certain I just caught him putting an ant in his mouth. 


  1. Mmmmmm! Ants! And: I just wanted to let you know I still have something for you, I just keep forgetting to bring it with me to the post office!


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