Hush Little Baby

Do your kids have any bed-time traditions?  

Isaac likes to climb into our bed, snuggle up under the covers, have half a story read to him, and then fall back onto the pillow as if he is utterly exhausted.  He turns to me and says, “Night!”  “Night, Isaac.”  He turns to Tim and says, “Night!”  “Night, Isaac.”  And then, for whatever reason, he immediately begins pretend-snoring (with his eyes open, no less).  It sounds like this: “AHHHHGGGGNNNNNMM.”  As we don’t snore, I think he learned this from his grandpa when he stays over there on the occasional weekend. 
After he’s done pretend-snoring (it takes awhile), Tim picks him up and holds him for awhile before putting him into his crib.  Eventually, I’m sure we’ll get him a “big-boy” bed – but for now, the crib’s easier.  Whenever we let him sleep in our bed, he walks right out of the bedroom as if our ritualistic “goodnight” is just some kind of formality and he is now free to roam the house once again. 
Sometimes, though, putting him to bed does absolutely nothing.  Hours later I'll find him standing in his crib in the dark, holding his little blue elephant by the nose (anyone ever heard of a Security Elephant before?)  On other occasions, I’ve heard him laughing through the bedroom door.  I haven’t a clue what could possibly be so funny in a dark room all alone, but apparently something is.  Also, I’m fairly certain he knows how to get in and out of his crib by himself, as I’ve gone in there to find him playing with toys I know I did not put into the bed with him. 
But other than that, bed-time is fairly uneventful.

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