Charlottesville, Virginia

Charlottesville, Virginia - Spent the weekend wandering around the University of Virginia campus and the old downtown area, visiting privately-owned coffee shops and cafe's, and listening to musicians play on street corners.  The best coffee is brewed at Shenendoah's Coffee (Not Your Average Joe), although an even better place to sit with a good book and have breakfast is Bodo's Bagel's on the edge of campus.  They also have excellent coffee - it's called BoJoe.  Plus, Sal's Caffe Italia downtown offers a regular "Lady and the Tramp" experience due to their outdoor seating, little metal tables with red-checkered table-cloths, and delicious spaghetti.  On the whole, it was a lovely experience.

Para Coffee

Heartwood Used Books

Books lined the floors

Carousel Downtown

A building on campus (every building was brick with white trim)

And to think this is the only photo of us that turned out (sort of).  Pardon my old often-broken camera.


  1. Love the photos! And that book store looks amazing. Oh I could spend hours in there! I love coffee shops, too! :).

  2. Wow we have a lot in common. We should meet up and hang out in a bookstore with coffee sometime.


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