Spring Cleaning or The End of the World

I couldn't choose a title because both adequately describe my week. Since I have finished all my homework, I've decided I should begin the enormous task of dejunking my house and preparing for the garage sale of the century. No really, I'm getting rid of everything (furniture, appliances, decorations, knick-knacks, clothes, etc.). Everything I don't sell is either going to Goodwill or storage.

Day 1: The Bedroom. So far, I've filled four trash bags and a box with stuff I do not want, and it's only been a couple hours. Poor Tim is a nervous wreck because he is a pack-rat (and I am a minimalist). Convincing him he doesn't need something he didn't even remember he had is like pulling teeth. I'm just going to have to continue this operation while he's away all week.

It's all for a worthy cause, though (no, not charity - I am not selling my junk so Stars Hollow can buy a giant tarp). Imagine living in an apartment in which there is nothing but a bed and a couch. I won't ever have to clean anything up because, you know, there's nothing there! Plus, we'll be leaving again sometime in May and I'd rather not have to drive a moving van wherever the heck it is we end up going.

Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the kitchen.


  1. are you moving? did you sell your house?

    i never hear anything.

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  3. Lauren,

    I too am a minimalsit. As well as a mentalist..kidding..if you want to believe that. Just remember sometimes getting rid of something means that at a latter date in your life..you wished you had held on dearly. Like for example, every dress I have ever owned. Why? Because I think it would be so cool to have them all in one room to look at..not like the 27 dresses movie, either. I am thinking more about the times that the dress was purchased. My historical clothing wardrobe!

    What a moron hu?

  4. That is an interesting thought. . . unfortunately the clothes I love best I wear out and they basically disintegrate.


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