Bonus Day

You've gotta' love those mornings when you wake up and realize it's an entire day earlier than you thought (I thought today was Wednesday until about two hours ago). True, it's a bit disconcerting, but after you get over the initial "shock," it's a pleasant surprise! I feel like I've been given a bonus day.

In which I should make myself buy a 2010 calendar. (Speaking of, and please pardon the rant that's about to come - but why does it matter whether people choose to say Two-Thousand and Ten or Twenty-Ten? Who even cares. If you'd like to join in my rant, pick up any New Years paper and read the bystander comments. Their explanations are absurd. "If I were going to receive $2,010, and instead I was given $20.10, I'd be upset! Therefore, go with Two-Thousand and Ten!" Thank you, Bob, from Ontario, you're super.)


  1. I love when I wake up thinking it's a work day only to soon realize it's the weekend and I can sleep in! Those are my favorites :).

    Happy Wednesday!


  2. *laughs* That's awesome, La!

    I didn't realize the Two-Thousand and Ten/Twenty-Ten thing was becoming so heavily debated. *blinks* Do people have nothing better to do with their time? Apparently not. I'll probably say whichever comes to mind first, though I'm partial to Twenty-Ten because it's shorter.


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