I Miss My Freckles

With the threatening signs of each and every pending winter season, I optimistically tell myself that fall could last through December and spring begin in January, leaving one day - Christmas, actually - for a light, brief dusting of snow which will immediately disappear the following morning. Stranger things have happened. Surely winter can't be as cold and as long as I remember. No, this year, of all years, I will be able to withstand the cold!

And then January hits and I find myself at an all-time low, huddled next to three portable heaters, surrounded by a large blanket, and otherwise dressed for summer. I. Hate. Winter. I dislike wearing layers, including heavy coats, socks, and most particularly shoes. I abhor being cold, a feeling which is not only physically immobilizing, but also mentally draining. I am exhausted if for no other reason than that every new activity involves an unnecessarily detailed debate: If I do such-and-such, does it require moving away from my heater? Will I have to put on socks? Even worse, will it make me (God-forbid) COLDER?!

I want to wear a t-shirt dress, sit in the sun, have freckles, go barefoot, and drink cold coffee. And yet again, I am reminded: I belong to a long line of women who were meant to live in a place that never drops below 80 degrees. In fact, make it 95.

Fortunately, I will be in Florida in about three weeks.


  1. you don't even like cold coffee silly girl. :) I know, I am freezing too! I just want to be able to wear T-SHIRTS! I'm hoping it will snow on Thursday so they will cancel school and the cold will be worth it! :)

  2. You're right. It should earn the right to be so cold.

  3. Honey, you guys are thinking of moving to D.C.... *considers expounding on the point and decides against*

    Sorry you're suffering! What about sweaters? They're kind of like blankets that you can wear -- much less bulky to carry around than a couple quilts and three space heaters. :)


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