Staple guns and Lo Mein

Last night I dreamed that a strange man shot the locks off my front door and we had to escape through a secret trapdoor that, for whatever reason, was in the ceiling over my shower. The next day he returned again, told Courtney and me that he was going to steal our things, and we just stood there on the porch and let him go inside while Isaac was sleeping in the crib. When he came out again, he was very upset that he'd found $40 that I had apparently been hiding from him yesterday when he tried to rob me. And then he attacked us, and Tim, with a staple gun.

That's when I woke up.

It's such a relief that reason (or the recognition of the absurd) comes with the light of day, otherwise I might still be terrified. All things considered, my house is probably the last in the neighborhood which would ever get robbed. I live directly across the street from City Hall, with their huge windows facing my front porch and three employees who apparently watch what I do all day. (They comment on my monthly activities when I pay the water bill. Sanjee said I should have some fun with that and dance naked in the yard.) But that's not all. My next door neighbor, whom I've grown rather fond of, used to be a counter-sniper. And almost directly at the end of my street and to the left a little, is the police department. They drive by my house regularly.

I've also had a very odd morning. Isaac got in bed with me at 6 a.m. and was acting very cuddly, which he rarely ever is. He has so much energy I never get to just hold him. But this morning, he kept putting his face next to mine and saying "mamama." Then, when I got out of bed and went into the kitchen, Tim was cooking with Lo Mein Noodles, shrimp, broccoli, and garlic. Not a good smell with coffee. I love it that I married a guy who loves to cook, considering I finally taught myself how only to discover I don't enjoy at all, but Chinese, in the morning? Really?

And then I made him coffee-to-go (I've even put all the main coffeehouse recipes up on the chalk board in my kitchen), and saw him off to his third day of school this week. Which sounds funny, if you ask me.

I like it that when I say "Be safe" while he's leaving in the morning, he replies with "As always."

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