This last weekend we visited some dear friends on the beautiful island of Bornholm.

From Wikipedia: Bornholm ([bɒːnˈhʌlˀm]; Old Norse: Burgundaholmr, meaning 'the island of the Burgundians') is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea ... The main industries on the island include fishing, arts and crafts such as glass making and pottery using locally worked clay, dairy farming, and summer tourism ... The topography of the island consists of dramatic rock formations in the north, pine and deciduous forests, farmland, and sandy beaches in the south.

Such a peaceful place to be.

Sea-side walks and castle ruins, colorful towns and a salty fish buffet, ice cream cones and glass shops.

Hope to go back someday, maybe in summer.

... And they may never get rid of me.

Many thanks to Hasse and Gitte, Natasja and Teresa and Johanna. We will miss you all!

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