Roadtrip, Day 7 // Venice

Clearly I have failed my goal to blog-post daily about this roadtrip. In my defense, I had no idea we wouldn't have internet when traveling. Supposedly we will have access while staying in Zurich over the next few days (where Tim has a Thermoelectrics conference until Friday) - and also tonight! We are staying in a beautiful village in the middle of the Alps.

So. I left off at Venice.

A storybook city of canals. We stayed in an adorable B&B in Marghera, just a ten minute bus ride away from Venice, and visited the city by day. I liked it best in the early morning, before the throng of tourists arrived, when the shops were still closed and the cafe's just opening.

A city of carnival masks, canals, window-box gardens, and colorful, narrow alleys.

We had breakfast at Cafe Doge, which we'd read had The Best Coffee In Venice ... and I think it's actually true. Possibly The Best Coffee in Europe.

At breakfast, sitting outside in the alley.

I adored the waterfront homes, with their small boats tied up and waiting; the marketplace, with fresh fish and vegetables; and the colors of the city.

And yes, I did the tourist thing and bought a mask.

The following morning, we visited Verona - saw the Arena as well as Romeo and Juliet's balcony (and also the statue of Juliet, although we didn't quite make it close enough to rub her breast for luck - how did this become a tradition? I have no idea, but one breast is indeed far shinier than the other).

And then we drove into heaven. I mean, wine country.  Red and yellow villas with apricot-colored rooftops, miles and miles of perfect green vines, and hazy blue Alps in the distance. We took a private tour of Le Bignele Vineyard (which I definitely recommend, if you're in the area) and tasted five wines - Roso Veronese, and four Valpolicellas: Classico Superiore, Ripasso, Amarone , and Recioto Classico. I loved all but the last (Tim's favorite). 

And then we left for Lake Garda ... which is, quite possibly, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I will post about it once we get to Zurich.

This is my kid road-tripping with his bright blue headphones.


  1. Beautiful photos - I have never been to Venice, but I really want to go one day! Gorgeous family! xxx

  2. Loving the grapes in a bunch they seem so rich. great pics.

    1. Oh me too, I could have lived at that vineyard forever. And thank you!


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