Paper Trail About Going Home

A day of rummaging through the studio. 12 trash bags, 2 bicycle bags, and a wicker basket of Giveaways and Discards later, nearly done. Next weekend the furniture goes, all but two beds, a lamp, and my coffee pot - just enough to last until move-out. 

Everything came off the bulletin board as well. Two years of flotsam, a paper trail about life in Denmark. Funny enough, half the things you'll see in the photograph were sent to me from the States - so perhaps this is truthfully a paper trail about going home.
It's all tucked into a manilla envelope and ready to travel again.

We'll be leaving the country with the same four duffel bags we brought, nothing else...

Although the contents have changed somewhat.

Almost time for September travels!


  1. I want your travels to be awesome and for the sights to be once-in-a-lifetime and for the people you meet to be lovely!

    ...and then I want you and your paper home, because I'm selfish like that. ;)

    p.s. you have, with this post, taken the hoarding and display of paper bits and turned it a noble habit for the purpose of chronicling life and memories. sweet.


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