Monday Amenities // Post 21

High time for a Monday link-list.
Many things to love here.

PRINT: Lionheart. A beautiful little magazine based out of Bristol (I think?), all about craft, fashion, art, music, lit, health, etc. Just released Issue 4. ♥

CAUSE: Sevenly, campaigning for generosity and social awareness. The products are beautiful, free-spirited shirts, jewelry, art prints, etc. - and $7 on every purchase is donated to a cause. This week is care for rape victims. Help them reach their campaign goal!

QUOTE: It's just a bad day, not a bad life. - Robbie Williams
Nice little reminder - don't let the bad days convince you it's been a bad life.

DIY: Indoor Barn Door Track Tutorial. I have always wanted a big sliding antique or industrial door  - possibly separating the kitchen from the dining or living area - or even in my someday-coffeehouse. Check out the tutorial and tell me you don't want one yourself. I am equally drawn to the idea of a garage door inside an apartment (separating bedrooms?) or as a coffeehouse wall - so on sunny days I could just open it up and people could take their coffee out on the lawn. Someday.

STYLE: Idylwild  - I love their style. Especially loving the Mulled Wine Midi Dress, the Wild Heart Maxi, and the Mountain Top Tee. Wish-list.

ART: Amy Hamilton on Society 6. I'm in love with everything this girl does. Especially the tribal headdress and the wolf.

FOOD: Mexican Quinoa Salad (scroll to bottom of post for recipe).  Mango Bread (makes 1 loaf). SO want to try this.

TUMBLR: Simply adore this photo (below) on (by? original source?) Crows Feet. Cannot stop staring at it.

Speaking of, if you love black and white portraiture, shadows and light, flowing lines, and expressive faces ... spend a blissful hour or two on this tumblr.

In other news ... I miss my family.

Will only be in Denmark for another 3.5 months, so we're planning a little trip for the month of September. It's going to be mostly roadtrip (and maybe train, and ferry, and possibly a plane in there somewhere). If we're lucky we'll hit Switzerland, northern Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia (so excited about this one). I cannot wait. 

Got my birdies touched up today by Niels Vestergaard (outside Copenhagen).

This week is the Roskilde Music Festival, so downtown is over-run with festival junkies and kiosk owners peddling their boho wares. I love it. Planning to hole up in a coffeehouse and people-watch.

There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.  
Vincent van Gogh

(Yes I will use this quote as an excuse for my bad habits,
... blatant staring ...
and occasionally taking photographs sans permission.)


  1. i love the birds on your shoulder blade.
    simple. beautiful. thoughtful. and kinda sexy. :)


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