If you could live anywhere

There is a small community living in matching blue townhouses in the fields nearby.  Their homes are surrounded by overgrown gardens; vegetables, herbs and flowers growing unrestrained like small patches of wilderness, and tall grass in between where the children come out to play in the late evening hours.  There is the smell of smoke and baking from the nearby cafeteria, and the smell of livestock from the surrounding fields: horses, goats, sheep, and free-range chickens.  

I like to go past here on my evening runs and pretend it's where I live.

I am increasingly drawn to the idea of living in a commune.  I like to imagine it a bit like the John Campbell Folk School in the North Carolina mountains; just a bunch of honest, down-to-earth people with creative instincts.  The kind of place that values an organic, active lifestyle, big families, and artistry, that respects and cultivates nature.

A place to live simply and peaceably, with my coffeehouse downstairs, and off-hours to learn things like planting and harvesting, baking, black-smithing, welding, bee-keeping, so on. Weekend Farmer's Markets bringing in tourists from the nearby town. Evening celebrations with bonfires and contra dance, live music and stories. Late nights out in the open, to revel in that distinct feeling of being under a big, clear sky at the end of a long day of work, when everything feels so honest, so good, so alive.

A place that lets nomads be nomads, coming and going as they feel the need.

I love the idea of having regulars in my coffeehouse - people I know by name, who don't even have to order because I know what they drink, who will sit at the bar and tell me their stories.

Well. A girl can dream.

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  1. How lovely that would be! We could be neighbors for sure. Thanks for sharing such personal thoughts.Makes a girl feel normal just knowing she's not alone in her dreams of how it could be!

    There is a little sandwich shop, here in GA, I visit frequently....I love that when I step up to order, they know me as the "#10 with sprouts" girl. A nice feeling it is, to be remembered. Even if it is only by a number. Being a creature of habit isn't so bad after all It just means you know what you like! Right? :)

    Keep dreaming!

    1. I adore everything about that sotry, #10 with sprouts girl.

  2. And what a lovely dream it is...

    The part about the children playing in the tall grass did make me cringe a bit, though. We did some frolicking in the tall grass here yesterday and made four ticks very happy. Reality is not so dreamy. *sigh* Probably no ticks in Denmark, though. An advantage of the cooler weather, I suppose. Tell me I'm wrong and I will feel a bit better about moving to this ridiculously hot, humid climate. Also, we've had measurable rain for 24 straight days. Okay, I'll stop complaining now. ;)

    1. Denmark does have ticks, sadly oh sadly. Few other dangerous insects though.

  3. Could you please get out of my dreams? I mean, seriously? It's invasive.

    Honestly, that has been my dream for a while.

    The only addition: an art studio amongst a deliciously dark, moody forest.

  4. wonderful. like a dream. i hope you get that someday<3 and you write it all so beautifully, like always.


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